5,000 small U.S flags representing suicides of active and veteran members of the military line the National Mall, October 3, 2018 in Washington.

Our Approach

We highlight partner organizations in the non-profit and for-profit sectors whose programs are having the greatest impact on those they serve. The collective is able to pool resources and track data points to determine the most efficacious route toward healing.


Veterans are wary of the false hope that existing programs offer. Programs that foster a culture of dependency rather than empowerment further fueling loneliness and isolation.


Imagine you were on a team that was like family to you. You bled, cried, sweat and trained together daily. You had a mission to save lives, go to war and fight for your country. Then one day, you get out of service and that is all gone. Perhaps you have an injury, or not, but that transition is super tough. How do you find that team again? What’s next?


Nobody really cares, no time for programs, no desire to change, fear of failure, skeptical of promises, shame, guilt, avoidance, nothing works, buried the pain, no support from friends or family, no community of people to go through it with


Connected, higher functioning, clarity, open to possibilities, improved relationships, better communication, improved health and wellness, increased productivity, empathic, fulfilled, motivated, excited, high self-esteem and self-worth, optimistic, compelled to give back to others

Real transformation starts with identifying where you are.

We are here. We are listening. We are ready to support, but we need you to meet us halfway. Please reach out and let us know where you are struggling and where HOHF and our highlighted partners can support.

Genuine and authentic self-love comes from self-care.

Start taking better care of yourself today. Skip the drinks and fast food, go for that run or hike, play a game with family, call a friend. It begins with trusting yourself to take care of yourself. Be kind.

Service To Those Behind You on the Journey.

The world needs you to be an example of what’s possible. We need leaders who have conquered their own inner-demons and have come out the other side with something to teach those behind them.

The Mission After

The word “HERO” is a very overused and misunderstood phrase in our society. We plan to change that.

When civilians think about military HEROES, we picture a world in the not too distant future, where HEROES symbolizes living your best life after service. That is why we renamed our foundation “The Mission After”.

To us, true healing begins with identifying where we are at in the journey and then taking the proper actions to start thriving.

The Mission After shines a light on other non-profits that are putting veterans first in a data-driven, mission-based way that ensures no one gets left behind.

There are amazing organizations and beautiful stories of love, connection, and healing that deserve to be shared.

Want to support us in truly making a difference?…